Fatal Mistake

Tears rolled down the worker’s cheeks and they washed away the smoke and soot stains on his face. The smoke stacks billowed up into the sky which was now a dark red and black cloud of death. He could feel it slipping, his eyes wanting to shut, but not being able to look way from the flashing screen. ERROR: NUCLEAR ENGINE FAILURE: MAINTENANCE NEEDED ON ENGINES: 1-3-4-7-8-9. But there was nothing to do. He couldn’t undo the mistake that had been done. The heat of what felt like the sun was starting to seer the skin of workers fleeing from the power plant. He looked down into the flames below him, where screams could just barely be heard over the crashes and booms of metal structures falling into the ground. His hard hat dropped and rolled off the platform. Looking past the screen, there was the massive circular container of the energy they had been taking care of for years. The first engine exploded, causing the rest to buckle and combust. The whole city came down with them.


Ice Cream

Children’s laughter, bike pedals, skateboard wheels, distant music and the sound of crashing waves filled the air of the pier. The hot sun baking the skin of girls tanning on the sand filled the beach. Among them there were college guys and their man buns playing frisbee, families playing volleyball, and kids flying their kites. Suddenly, a new sound broke through: the oh so wonderful and familiar tune of the ice cream truck. The shouts of “Ice Cream!” followed, and then sprinting across the beach, everyone wanted some. I waited in line for fifteen minutes to get my classic chocolate goodness. The brown of the sugar cone, the glimmer reflection on the two scoops, it was all so pleasant. I went to take my first lick. My ice cream fell off and splattered on the ground.