Ice Cream

Children’s laughter, bike pedals, skateboard wheels, distant music and the sound of crashing waves filled the air of the pier. The hot sun baking the skin of girls tanning on the sand filled the beach. Among them there were college guys and their man buns playing frisbee, families playing volleyball, and kids flying their kites. Suddenly, a new sound broke through: the oh so wonderful and familiar tune of the ice cream truck. The shouts of “Ice Cream!” followed, and then sprinting across the beach, everyone wanted some. I waited in line for fifteen minutes to get my classic chocolate goodness. The brown of the sugar cone, the glimmer reflection on the two scoops, it was all so pleasant. I went to take my first lick. My ice cream fell off and splattered on the ground.


Author: Josh Whittemore

Maine ⚓️

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